The Encouragement Klatch Ministry is a weekly Friday afternoon meeting for the women at the Meeker County Jail. Always going in pairs, E.K. ministers support the inmates at a difficult time in their lives through readings and discussion. We all make mistakes in our lives and supporting our sisters in Christ enforces what St. Matthew stated, that we need to comfort people in need. If you are interested in sharing yourself with others in this way please contact Nancy Moyer 320-453-6322 or Mike McNeil 693-7801.

The Mission Statement of the Encouragement Klatch Ministry:

A caring group of women at the Meeker County Jail who will encourage and support, by building spiritual and personal relationships. Parenting, health, emotional and spiritual issues will be discussed. Our goal is build esteem and respect in ourselves and our sisters.

The typical format for an Encouragement Klatch meeting.

  • Welcome and introductions.     
  • Daily Reading/Information
  • Share
  • Personal Prayers and petitions.

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