If you are being called by the Spirit to reach out to people in our communities through the scriptures, contact Mike McNeil @ 693-7801. New ministers have the option of which of several sites to visit as a team.

If God is acting in your life, sooner or later you probably notice a desire in your heart to reach out to people and share the good news. You may have already informally done this. Or you may have served in a formal church ministry before.  

Being part of the scripture ministry team is a formal ministry of the Church, like being on the RCIA team or serving as liturgical minister, in that, you are sharing your gifts with others with the blessing of the formal blessing of the Church.  Unlike holding a informal bible study in your home being part of scripture meditation is under the guidance of the Area pastor and you are representing the Church. If you are visiting the jail you will need to fill out and send in a back ground check. hare God’s love with the marginalized people in our community.

OK, OK so what do we do?

Well technically we pray the scriptures with a small group of people using a Lecio Divina style of prayer.  See and follow the instruction on our Lecio Divina sheet.

We use the Lecio Divina style because we are encountering ordinary or even challenged people. We want to allow time for the Spirit to engage the heart more than we want to pass on bible facts. Notice, we want to welcome the Spirit into our group more than anything else. 

The idea of reading to discover a meaning beyond the literal sense of the biblical text, was perhaps first articulated by Origen in third century. He described scriptural reading for the purpose of finding a hidden message from God. 

Two hundred years after Jesus’ death and resurrection people began to move into the dessert to dedicate themselves to a life of prayer. They would spend their time in private prayer, and with crafts that they would make and sell in town for food. They would also come together for prayer. Even today this is the style of prayer of many monastic houses.

When Lecio is done well people contribute and conversation moves around a circle of learners. It is tempting to allow conversation to move in a top down manner. This is the university model of bible study which dominates in our day. Lecio Divina is the way the church approached scripture before universities came into being.

Often times team members will use a signal of tapping the lecio sheet and saying , “We are getting off track.” That is a signal for the other team member to help focus the group back to the questions on the sheet.

What must I remember? You really don’t need to remember much since we really learn by doing.

As a formal (and trained) lay ecclesial minister you are asked to: 1. Wear a cross when you are visiting.

2. Keep and bring a ministry folder with you.  This will have the schedule, a bible story or two, the Lecio Sheets for a group, the prayer of Oscar Romero, a note pad, and the history of Lecio Divina.  You need to always bring your folder because what if your partner forgets their folder? The show can go on.

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